Enjoying Joy!

A year ago we started believing God for a new van. Our old van was a blessing and it did so much for us for over 6 years. Not having air conditioning, music and even working seat belts in all the seats, we set our sights on what we wanted for the children and after the mechanic gave us a grim diagnosis we knew it was time to replace it.

At the beginning of this year our van came to fruition and when the kids went to get into the van for the first time, I knew we were to name this van and what to name it. Gozo (Joy). The kids and I decided that every time we entered this van we would give thanks to God by being joyful. No fighting, yelling or complaining, just rejoicing.

We do rejoice for what God has done for House of Destiny, so much to be grateful for,  Gozo, is one of them and we want to thank all those who had a part in it. Jay and I are here driving the kids to school, church, court, doctors appointments, etc but we could not do it without you.
If you gave specifically towards Gozo, thank you. If you give towards House of Destiny, thank you. You have refreshed and blessed us, we believe you will be refreshed and blessed.

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