The Volcanic Eruption in Alotenango, Sacatepequez, Guatemala

We are safe and have not had to evacuate at this point. The airport is shut down and we have had black sand raining down on us covering everything.

During devotions tonight we will pray for those families who lost loved ones today due to the volcano. I can hear the conversations we have had many times and will have again tonight. The kids will ask where those people went and statistically speaking they probably will not be in heaven. The kids will think of all their catholicĀ friends and ask about them. We will tell them again that if they have not asked Jesus in their heart they will be in hell. No the volcano was not their fault but that is not how it works in the kingdom of God.

The kids will go to school and hear the doom and gloom horror stories from their friends and how they prayed to Mary. My kids will feel left out but will tell them they do not pray to the saints that they are saints and they go directly to God and are a child of God. They will be made fun of but that is ok, they will speak up. They are concerned their friends will go to hell.

The airport is closed, their is volcanic sand covering everything. We have days of cleanup ahead.

We pray for the finances to bring in more innocent kids to raise them to evangelists in this country. Pray that we can and that they kids we have will grow up and change this nation that seems to be filled with darkness.

We appreciate your prayers. Love you all.

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