People are running for GIATWM and Casa del Destino
Chosen Marathon
Giving Hope and Future
In the arms of Love   Jay and I are looking into how we can rescue more children specifically,  babies. We received a call a while ago asking that we take in a little girl who has been thrown away...
Going to town
Our Mission to Tanzania was great success.
All the children received a new Antigua Guatemala soccer shirt   Tanzania last month was a very successful mission. Chris Green and Jay were able to bless SeeWay Children’s home with new plumbing,...
The kids of CDD
Orphan Sunday November 3, 2013
November 3, 2013 is Orphan Sunday. The children of House of Destiny March of 2014 The word ‘religion’ can almost be as polarizing as the words ‘government shutdown’, but don’t let this little word...


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